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I have a date for prom.


I hate growing up. I hate college. I hate scholarships and I hate Dexy for going.

And I'm not locking this from him or anyone. My journal. My pain.
If there was anything worse than what was going on in Middle Area, it was a Sunday afternoon when the town was quiet, and everyone was behind locked doors, or in the hospital. Or both in some cases. It meant there was little to do other then watch reruns online and try and not think about certain adorable school aides with their hair in their eyes and pouty lips.

So instead she drooled over Matt Schofeld on Great Escape. She shouldn't like it as muc as she did, given everything it showed about the penal system but, Deb adored it.

Today more than ever. She watched the episode twice before pulling up several webpages to check on it. The side effects could be potentially dangerous but as long as she watched it carefully, was aware of her body and monitored herself carefully, it should work. It had to. Besides, she could look at it as practice, nothing more than early undercover work for when she became an officer.

Grabbing her purse, the money she'd squirreled away and a scrap of paper with the name written on it, Deb darted out of the house before anyone could stop her. It wasn't a long walk to the druggist and, as it turned out, what she wanted wasn't that hard to get at all.

Dear Diary

Growing up was hard to do

Sundays were a bore, usually, and horrible with hating the start of school the next day. But now Deb was wanting school to be back in session and damned holidays were going to ruin that.

Laying on her bed, she tried to focus on her reading but, in the end, she found herself doodling in her notebook. And on it.

Staring at what she'd written, Deb growled and began jerking out the pages she needed. Sticking them in a folder for school, she shoved the notebook under her mattress where it would, if she was lucky, it would languish for all eternity and her shame would be hidden forever.

The shame that Deb was growing up, becoming a woman and not a tomboy and her hormones were now firmly and righfully in control.Collapse )


Covering and hiding abuse only perpetuates the cycle!!!

Hey people at MAHS

I need to borrow a car.

VEHICLE PUSH: Push a police car, on a relatively level surface, a distance of twenty (20) feet. Time limit is 25 seconds. This event simulates pushing a disabled vehicle far enough out of the way as not to present a traffic hazard.

Who's going to be nice to me?


My brother, Dexter, is a weenie.

That is all.

Attention right here!!!!

Most of you don't know me but do this anyways! Dexter, you're required or I will kick your ass.




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